Dhamma Moli

The Dhamma Moli project is a monastery home and school for girls who are at risk for sex trafficking in Kathmandu, Nepal. It was begun by two friends of the Dharma Center, Sister Molini, PhD., and Sister Dhamma VIjaya, PhD, Theravadan nuns from Nepal. The sisters teach meditation in the Antioch Buddhist Studies Program in BodhGaya, India. They have been residents at the Dharma Center several times since 2004, teaching Southeast Asian Buddhism courses at area universities. As leaders in the Theravadan bhikkhuni sangha in Nepal, they are committed to socially engaged Buddhist practice. The sisters were given a crumbling monastery and, with the help of donors in the US and around the world, have completely renovated the site, built a new building to house the girls and have established a beautiful Theravada monastery at the foot of Soyambhu Stupa in the heart of Kathmandu. The sisters were awarded the international Outstanding Women in Buddhism Award in 2009.

Buddhist Peace Fellowship

The Yellow Springs Dharma Center was originally formed by members of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship, or BPF. BPF was founded in 1978 and represents “Engaged Buddhsim” bringing the principles of Buddhism into solving the problems of our society-peacemaking, social justice and personal suffering. The Dharma Center continues to be a member of BPF and provides meditation instruction at area prisons upon request.

Inter-Spiritual Group

The Dharma Center participates in and supports the local Inter-Spiritual group in several events including celebrating the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr., the Inter-Spiritual concert and the breakfast honoring high school seniors.