Winter 2014 “How We Support the Center…How the Center Supports Our Practice: How Our Practices Touch the Greater Community”
Retreat Life | Dharma Kids | Food Pantry | Prison Meditation | Antioch, Dharma Center | Library | Dharma Center Archives | New Year’s Eve Celebration

Prior Issues:

Summer 2013 “The Sangha Celebrates 20 Years”
History Open House: Branching Streams Rejoin at the Center | “When the Bird Flies” film | Enlightenment Day | Calligraphy Presentation | Anniversary Celebrations Continue | Our Flourishing Library: A Cause for Celebration

Fall 2012 “Sangha Means Community”
YSDC As It Relates to the Larger Community–Parker Buckley  |  An Interview with Nathaniel Rayford–Mary Frost-Pierson  |  Connections–Dione Greenberg  |  A Contribution from Esther Rothman

Spring 2012 “Arts Issue”
Bante Seelagavesi Residency

Fall 2011 “Membership”
Membership–Donna Denman, et al

Spring 2011 “Relics”
The Relics Under the Altar–Sarah Chalfin  |  Green Tara Tangkha–Dianeah Wanicek  |  The Small Bell–Donna Denman  |  Shaun McCarty Tribute  |  Our Library–Mary Frost-Pierson

Spring 2010 “Student Life”
Student Life in Bodh Gaya–Robert Pryor  |  Facebook Adventuring  |  Eagle Scout Project Provides New Compost Bin and Landscaping–Katie Egart  |  First Sesshin–Luke Bowman  |  First Sesshin–Sarah Cook

September 2009 “Dzogchen Retreat”
Dzogchen Retreat–Dianeah Wanicek  |  Diamond Sangha’s 50th Anniversary–Antoinette Parekh  |  Dharma Center Hosts Special Guests for 30th Reunion of the Antioch Buddhist Studies Program in India–Robert Pryor

March 2009
First Sesshin–Gordon M.  |  Touching the Heart–Joe M.  |  Vipassana Retreat: A Story–Joyce Appell  | Doing a Vipassana Retreat–David Wilson

September 2008
The Buddha From Tampawati (Part 2)  |  My Travels in Africa–Sarah Chalfin  |  Photos of the Buddhas’ Birthday

March 2008
Journey to Black Mesa–Jessie Clark  |  The Buddha From Tampawati (Part 1)  |  My Visit to the Dhamma Moli Project–Katie Egart

September 2007
Roshi Daniel Terragno: Zen  |  Street Fair Photo  |  Tibetan Teacher Choky Nyima Rinpoche Visits Dharma Center  |  Vipassana’s Search for a Teacher  |  Photos of Chokyi Nyima’s Visit  |  Bodhi Leaves Arts Corner (Stupa by Pierre Nagely)

May 2007
How the Board Works  |  Vajrasatva Practice  |  Residential Retreats  |  Movies, CDs, & Books, Oh My!  |  Bodhi Leaves Arts’ Corner

January 2007 
Dharma Center Orientation  |  Morning & Evening Meditation  |  Book Discussion Group  |  Don’t Forget About…  |  Zen Meditation  |  Vipassana Meditation  |  Sacred Chanting  |  |  Bodhi Leaves Arts’ Corner

September 2006 – FIRST ISSUE!
Mindful Work at the Dharma Center–Ken Simon  | Volunteer Opportunities at the Dharma Center  |  Take it to the Next Level  |  Check Us Out On the Web