The Dharma Center Library collection focuses on all aspects of Buddhism and the various Buddhist traditions.  It contains books, periodicals, audio and video media, reference books and a small selection of children’s books. One shelf holds the books on the Center’s recommended reading list. You can visit the library in person at the Center or search the Online Catalog at

Using the Online Catalog
The Dharma Center Library catalog (powered by LibraryThing) is available to you 24/7. Link to it through the Library page on the YSDC web site. Here are a few tips on using the catalog:

1. The catalog is alphabetical by author, just as the shelf order in the library. (There are a few titles at the very beginning that do not have an author.)

2. Using the “Search your library” box in the upper right corner, you can search by author, title, keyword, or subject (“tag”). Use the dropdown box at the far right to choose any of those. Alternatively, to search by subject, click on “Tags” in the menu bar under “Your Library.” All the tags we have used will display and you can click to see the titles under each.

3. In the upper left corner, under the LibraryThing logo, the dropdown category should say “All collections.” Click on the dropdown arrow to see our other collections; e.g., if you want to see just what we have in “Media” – click on that and the media list will display. Or if you want to see what is in the Children’s collection, click on that. “Your Library” is the LibraryThing term to designate the general collection.

Borrowing Items
You may borrow or return items any time the Center is open. When meditation, book discussions, or public talks are in session, the Library is only accessible immediately before or after the event. Otherwise, it is open by appointment. Call Dorothy 513-374-0162 or Carolyn at 937-768-8576.

Remember you can always access a listing of what we have online through Dharma Center web site or directly at

Check-out rules:
Standard check-out period: 2 months
Short-term check-out period: 2 weeks
Please check out no more than two items at a time

Check-out procedures:
Indicate the date checked out on the top portion of the card pocket
Complete the card in the back pocket
Include your name, e-mail and/or phone, and date checked out
Place completed card in the box behind the month of check-out
Returned items may be placed in the large box marked “Library Return Box”

Please return items within the appropriate time period so that we do not have to contact you.
We may ask you to replace lost items.