The Dharma Center organizes several meditation retreats each year. These are led by teachers who are highly respected in their tradition. Residential retreats are held at the Jesuit Spiritual Center in Milford, Ohio. Non-residential retreats are held at the Dharma Center in Yellow Springs.

The Dharma Center offers a residential Zen retreat (sesshin) in the Fall.  Throughout the year day-long Zen retreats (zazenkais) are offered as well.

In the Spring each year the Dharma Center offers a weekend and a weeklong residential Vipassana retreat. There are also Half Day silent retreats when there is a fifth Sunday in the month.

Vajrayana retreats are held at the Dharma Center in Yellow Springs and are non-residential. These retreats may be led by a visiting teacher in person or via zoom.

Please find information for the retreats by clicking any one of the retreat categories underlined above.