Special Events

Way Seeking Mind Talk

Sunday ~ March 1 ~ 2pm

This past year the Dharma Center began a series of Way Seeking Mind Talks given by senior practitioners in our sangha.  The Way Seeking Mind Talk comes from the Zen tradition and is generally an initial talk given by practitioners to describe their journey to Buddhist practice.  It can also be a talk given by seasoned practitioners of any Buddhist tradition to reflect with the sangha on what is alive in their practice now.  It is meant to be a more informal and personal talk than a traditional dharma talk.  

We continue the series with one of our Center’s founders, Donna Denman. Donna will share her history of practice, begun on a trip with her husband in 1987 that took them to Asia among other destinations.  She has been a student of Zen for over 30 years, initiating our Zen group at the Dharma Center.   Her intensive experience with Zen koans continues to inform her practice and understanding of the Buddhist Path.

All are invited.

Mar. 24-28, 2020, YSDC Zen Sesshin information and link to registration now available here.