Special Events

NOTE:  New sittings time added!  TUESDAYS 8:15-8:45AM and WEDNESDAYS 12 Noon – 12:30PM

New Year’s Eve Meditation for World Peace

7:00 – 8:00 PM
Inviting the possibility for enlightenment for all beings in the year 2019

~ 30 minute peace meditation

  • Setting the Intention, Remembering Bodhicitta, Meditation and Dedication.

~ Chanting Across the Traditions

• Metta Chant – sending out loving kindness
• Kannon~ Sutra for Timeless Life Chant
• Guardian Practice – Subduing negativity and activating peace

~ Our wishes and intentions for 2019
~ Kuan Yin Offerings and Sounding the Gong

Happy New Year Everyone!


Dec. 1 – 8, 2018

Zen traditional week commemorating the Buddha’s Enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree.

  • extra sittings available: 6:00 – 7:00 AM Monday through Friday
  • all – night sitFriday, Dec. 7, 8:00PM – Dec. 8, 6:00AM
  • half day sit: Saturday, Dec. 8, 7:30 – 12:00 noon ending with Vajrayana Long Life Practice

For more information:  info@ysdharma.org



A Dew Drop, Dream, a Watermoon

Reading and Dharma Talk

Sunday November 25    2:00PM

With  Tibetan Translator and Dharma Teacher, Tenzin Jesse
Bodhiheart Sangha, Seattle WA

“Transforming Problems and Pleasures on the Path”

How the Dharma Wisdom that understands the causes of unhappiness are not only a personal matter of life and death, but are critical for transforming the world politically, socially, and environmentally.


Tenzin Jesse, a Dayton native, ordained in 2004 by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, is now a lay dharma teacher and Tibetan translator. In the 1990’s, she studied the classical Tibetan language with Gelug, Kagyu , and Nyingma teachers and has written a Tibetan language textbook . She completed the studies of the seven-year Lam Tsong Khapa Master’s Program, a traditioinal Buddhist monastic curriculum.   In 2006, together with Theravadan nun, Venerable Dhammadinna, she founded Bodhiheart Sangha in Seattle. She has recently completed “a handbook for Dharma practitioners”, A Dew Drop, Dream, A Water-Moon.

For more information, call Katie at 937.767.7140 or email zen(at)ysdharma.org