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Tibetan Vajrayana Practice Schedule

May 5: Sunday, 11am  Avalokitesvara Compassion Practice; Chanting and Meditation.
May 14: Tuesday, 5:30pm  Padmasambhava Day Ganapuja
May18:  Saturday, 5pm  Full Moon Green Tara Practice (moon is full at 5:11pm EST).
May 26: Sunday, 11am  Avalokitesvara Compassion Practice; Chanting and Meditation

June 9: Sunday, 11am Avalokitesvara Compassion Practice; Chanting and Meditation
June 12: Wednesday, 5:30pm  Padmasambhava Day Ganapuja
une 17:  Saturday 5:30pm Full Moon Green Tara Practice (short version)

On Ganapuja days please bring a food offering to share with everyone.  We try to have offerings that are described as finger foods or appetizers, something that is edible with out silverware! If you are not familiar with the practice you can still participate and be part of the practice energy.  

Avalokiteshvara Compassion Practice is on certain Sundays at 11am. The Practice of Avalokiteshvara was given by Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche and is best described in his book,” The Union Mahamudra and Dzogchen.”  It is easily learned and one can give rise to the energy of Compassion through chanting and meditating with this practice.

Green Tara Practice:  Mother Tara is the Buddha of illuminated activity and of the development of compassion. Integrating in the state of Tara (our primordial state) helps to eliminate negativities & obstacles to the life force. It produces benefit for all sentient beings. Full moon is an excellent time for long life practice. Full explanations are given for those new to the practice.

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