Vajrayana Teachers

Since its inception the YSDC has been fortunate to have the influence of three very important Dzogchen masters.

Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche ImageChokyi Nyima Rinpoche gave Dzogchen teachings here in 1997 and 2007. He has also given three key practices:

Buddha Shakyamuni Sadana

Vajrasattva Sadana

Green Tara Sadana

Chögyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche ImageChögyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche has connected with our center through open worldwide webcasts that give interested students here and worldwide the opportunity to simultaneously receiving Dzogchen  transmission together all over the world with Rinpoche . There are three days each year when this is made available. These days are the anniversaries of the main Masters of the Lineage of Dzogchen Teachings. It is important to understand the meaning of transmission and how the practices work.

An information and explanation evening is held with a Yellow Springs Dharma Center member and student of Namkhai Norbu before the transmission. Here interested practitioners can learn the practice so that one is able to participate in the transmission method that Chögyal Namkhai Norbu is making available for those who are interested in the Dzogchen Teachings.

Here is what Namkhai Norbu has said about the transmission:

”When we are doing this practice together we are unifying in the same state, that famous state in Dzogchen teaching called the primordial state…. that means teacher and students are all in that moment in the primordial state, so in this way there is a possibility to transmit. For transmission there is no distance, if you are far or near it doesn’t matter because knowledge of transmission is beyond time and distance. So for this reason we can use this method’.

Next World Wide Transmission of Guru Yoga by ChögyalNamkhai Norbu:


Additionally interested students may follow Rinpoche’s teachings in open Web casts through out the year as he travels and teaches around the world.

Namkhai Norbu’s student teachers have also brought the YantraYoga practice to Yellow Springs. There is an ongoing practice group that meets to reinforce the practice.

Khenpo Sonam Rinpoche ImageKhenpo Sonam Rinpoche who founded Riwoche Temple in Toronto in 1990 helped us inaugurate YSDC in early 1993 with special mantras and an opening ritual. Rinpoche gave teachings on the Practice of Padmasmabhava and the Nyingma Phowa as well as the profound Dzogchen teaching Tiksum Nedek or the The Three Incisive Imperatives of Garab Dorje.

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