Zen Sesshin News

The Zen group sponsors two retreats (sesshins) each year, spring and fall, with Roshi Daniel Terragno.

2017 FALL SESSHIN: Oct. 20-25

Jesuit Spiritual Center – Milford OH

Full five days: $550     Weekend (Friday – Sunday lunch): $250

Registration form can be downloaded here.

For more information contact zen@ysdharma.org or call 937.767.7140.


Sesshin (the Japanese word literally means “to touch the heart-mind”) is an opportunity to draw from the tremendous strength of people practicing together, to receive personal guidance in private meetings with the teacher, and to experience the deep stillness that lies within each of us. The sesshin can become an inspiring spiritual experience for anyone, irrespective of previous experience or religious affiliation.

Daniel Terragno Roshi

Daniel Terragno Roshi, Diamond Sangha Teacher

OUR TEACHER: Daniel Terragno is a native of Chile who resides in the Redwoods of Northern California where he is the founder and spiritual director of Rocks and Clouds Zendo in Sebastopol, a Zen community in the tradition of the Diamond Sangha (www.rocksandclouds.org). He also regularly teaches in Argentina and Chile. In addition to his work as a Zen teacher, Daniel makes his living as a cabinetmaker.

ACCOMMODATIONS: single rooms at Jesuit Spiritual Center, Milford OH; on the Miami River.

MEALS: Vegetarian meals

DANA: In keeping with tradition, Buddhist teachings are offered on a “dana” or donation basis; therefore the cost of the retreat does not include any fees for the teacher. There will be a time to make donations to the teacher at the end of the sesshin.

INFORMATION: For additional information, email zen@ysdharma.org.

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