Annual Letter

December 2014

Dear Dharma Center Friends:

We are doing something a little different this year in enclosing our annual letter with the latest edition of the Bodhi Leaves. Building on our memorable anniversary celebration in 2013, we have several noteworthy events and accomplishments to highlight for 2014.

We were excited to pay off the mortgage on the building this year. One may ask why we’re highlighting this in our annual letter, which of course includes our appeal for continued support. The truth is, the center was only able to pay off the mortgage in a timely way due to the generosity of its friends and members, and that same need for generosity continues as we look ahead. Our pre-1900 building requires considerable maintenance; for example, in the upcoming year we’re planning extensive basement upgrades to ensure structural integrity.

Of course it’s not just about our physical building and gardens; it’s what we offer that really matters. This past year, deepening our practice of generosity, we initiated a program to support food pantries in the Miami Valley area. We are also expanding our retreat scholarship efforts, in the belief that the Dharma and the deeper practice resulting from retreats should be made available to a more financially diverse group. Responding to requests from two area prisons, we have been providing teachings and meditation instruction directly to incarcerated individuals. We offered meditation instruction throughout the year and hosted a number of Thursday evening reading groups, three residential retreats, several half-day retreats at the center, and provided “Dharma Kids” program for children, to name just a few.

We are grateful for the generosity of so many who make all this possible, through committee work, volunteering for special events, as well as regular financial contributions and estate planning.

As we prepare to enter a new year, please consider renewing or initiating Dharma Center membership. Memberships are the foundation of our financial and programming stability. As a completely volunteer-run, donation-based center, your participation as an active member sustains the sangha and provides the means for offering the teachings of the Dharma. Thank you for your support.

May all beings be peaceful, happy, and free from suffering.

The Yellow Springs Dharma Cent er Board of Trustees:

Dianeah Wanicek Robert Pryor Linda Potter MJ Gentile
Mark French Katie Egart Donna Denman Parker Buckley

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