Ohio Buddhist Organizations

Todd recommends The Buddhist Channel. A great source of Buddhist news, desktop wallpapers and more.
Buddhist Studies WWW Virtual Library
Dharma the Cat
Robert Prior recently led a pilgrimage to the places of the Buddha’s life.   Some of the participants have created a web page about the trip.
Tricycle: the Buddhist Review Online
Tri-State Dharma
Zen Mountain Monastery/Mountains and Rivers Order
Barbara has sent in the following children’s sites:
(And this is her favorite)
Columbus Zen Corner
Daniel Terragno has sent the new url for Rocks and Clouds
   webmaster is Michael Whiteside
Eric has sent the following links:
   Journal of Buddhist Ethics
   Dzogchen Foundation
   Dharma Haven
Amy has furnished these online Buddhist glossaries

Glossary – Buddhism Glossary from SUNY
Theravadan and Mahayana terminology

Glossary – Diamond Way Dharma Dictionary
Vajrayana glossary

Glossary of Pali and Buddhist terms

Glossary of Zen Terminology

Glossary of Zen and Buddhist terms

Learn Tibetan
alphabet & numbers

Online Tibetan Sacnner & Dictionary tool
for this you need to know wylie transliteration conventions

Reference and glossary -Vajrayana based

Tibetan English Dictionary
85000 entry Rangjung Yeshe Dictionary at Nitartha

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