Vipassana Practice

The Vipassanā group meets for meditation on Sunday mornings at 8:00 AM.

If you arrive early, take a seat anywhere except where the leader sits at the front-left cushion (with bell & clock).

If you arrive late, enter quietly and take a seat where available. Chairs are located in the back of the room for those who are not comfortable sitting on cushions.

Additional cushions and meditation benches (these are limited) can be found on the shelf at the left as you come in.

The entire meditation sit lasts one hour. If this is too long you may take a brief break if necessary and quietly leave the room to stretch.

The sit begins with the bell and a brief chant of homage to the Buddha:

Namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammā-sambuddhassa (3X)

“Homage to the Sublime One, the Worthy One, the Completely Self Awakened One.”

Vipassana meditation continues until 8:50 when the bell is struck again and all form a circle. For 10 minutes we join together in Metta meditation, extending an intention of loving-kindness to all beings.

Meditation is followed by an assortment of chants and a reading.  This is followed by introductions and each member has an opportunity to introduce themselves, comment on the reading or simply share with the group where they are with their meditation practice.

We close with a “Sharing the Merit” chant in Pāḷi (booklets provided). This is done to share the benefits we have gained from our practice with those connected with us and to all beings.

Please stay to get to know each other!  Often after meditation some will gather for tea.

Our Chant Book can be downloaded HERE.



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