Vipassana Retreat

Rebecca Bradshaw’s Online Dharma Talk Presented April 30, 2020

“The Buddha’s Recipe for a Strong and Gentle Heart: Heart Qualities for Trying Times”

For those who missed or wish to review Rebecca’s presentation, please follow this link to a video of the talk.

Rebecca Bradshaw

Rebecca is a Guiding Teacher at Insight Meditation Society in Barre, MA, and the Guiding Teacher of the Insight Meditation Center of Pioneer Valley, MA.  She has been leading the annual residential Vipassana retreat with the Yellow Springs Dharma Center since 2006.  With our 2020 retreat being cancelled, Rebecca graciously offered to present an online dharma talk in the manner of her well-attended talks given at the Dharma Center on the evenings before our retreats begin. Her talk is based on the four brahmaviharas, which are:

~ Loving-kindness (Pali: metta)     ~ Sympathetic joy (mudita)

~ Compassion (karuna)                ~ Equanimity (upekkha)

We are hopeful that in May 2021, Rebecca Bradshaw will again lead a residential Vipassana Retreat in Southern Ohio, organized by the Yellow Springs Dharma Center. Further information will be available on this web page in the winter of 2021.

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