Khenpo Samdup Visits the Dharma Center

December 15, 2013, January 5 & 19, 2014, 2pm ~ 3:30pm

Khenpo will teach from his newly published book:
Learning Buddhism, Source of Temporary and Permanent Happiness

Copies will be available for sale at the 1st session.

In order to meet the needs of those who wish to have a clearer understanding of Vajrayana Buddhism at the YSDC the first half of each session will focus on explaining the fundamentals of the Buddhist path from the Vajrayana perspective.

We will follow the format in Khenpo’s Book. The last half of each session will be learning the meaning and practice of Long Life White Tara.

On the alternate Sundays December 22 and January 12, those committed to learning these teachings will meet to discuss what they have read and ask questions. Senior Vajrayana practitioner Dianeah Wanicek will be present to direct. White Tara Practice will follow.

Topics to be covered in Khenpo’s Book are:

  • The Four Noble Truths
  • The Four Thoughts
  • Shamanta
  • Karma
  • Bodhicitta
  • The Two Truths, relative and ultimate
  • The Three Vehicles
  • Buddha nature
  • Seven Branches
  • Three Roots
  • Empowerment
  • Samasara / Nirvana
  • Six Bardo’s
  • The Three Kayas; Dharmakaya, Sambogakaya, Nirmanakaya

To inquire further about the Book and the sessions please visit our contact page and select Vajrayana Tradition to send an email or contact Dianeah at 767-1034.

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