Our Zen Teachers

Daniel Terragno Roshi

Daniel Terragno Roshi, Diamond Sangha Teacher

Daniel Terragno Roshi was named guiding teacher for the Zen group in 2001.  Each year Roshi comes to Ohio to guide a least one sesshin.

Daniel is a teacher in the Diamond Sangha tradition (founded by Robert Aitken) and is a Dharma heir of John Tarrant. A native of Chile, he now resides in Sebastopol, California, and is the founder of the Rocks and Clouds Zendo there.

In addition to coming to Ohio, Daniel leads sesshin, talks and conferences in Argentina and Chile twice a year. The Argentine group is Viento del Sur. The group in Chile is Zen Montanas y Mar.

Roshi’s recent teishos can be viewed here:



Sensei Katie Egart has been a student of Roshi Terragno for over 20 years.  In 2021 she was given his endorsement to teach in the Diamond Sangha tradition.  She is an ordained Buddhist Chaplain and works in Ohio Reformatory for Women where she facilitates Buddhist practice and teaching. Katie is the practice leader for the Yellow Springs Zen Group. She has been a member of the Yellow Springs Dharma Center for 30 years and is on the Board of Trustees for the organization.

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