Zen Practice

Whether you are new to Zen practice, new to the Dharma Center, or an experienced Zen practitioner, you are always welcome to join the Saturday morning practice.

Zen practice is held every Saturday morning at 7:30 until 9:30. It is best to come ten minutes early the first time so someone can help you find a cushion, bench or chair and answer any questions you may have. We begin promptly at 7:30.

The practice includes three 25 minute sits (zazen) with walking meditation (kinhin) between the first two sits.  It concludes with a sutra service following the third sit.

We prepare coffee and tea for informal conversation after the service.  Depending on the weekend of the month, we may have work practice, discuss a zen reading, or just visit.

To request more information, email zen@ysdharma.org.

Our Zen Ancestors




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